Heroes and Villains 2013 in Farmville Personality


Coming up soon in FarmVille Personality Features the Heroes and Villains 2013. This is a brand new personality feature where you will ask your friends about their opinion on what they believe best describe you. The questions will be mostly about super heroes and villains related. Friends will choose and vote between two answers. After collecting enough vote a redeem button will appear to get the prize.



Questions and Prizes:

1. Do I prefer quick resolutions or lengthy solutions?

Masked Robin Shadow                 Plotting Penguin


2. Do I prefer to ‘play it safe’ or ‘take a dare’?

Mighty Mink                                    Bushel Bandit Badger


3. Do I try ‘valiant acts’ or brood on ‘mischievous thoughts’?


Chicken Crusader                           Dastardly Duck


4. Do I prefer ‘being prepared’ or ‘winging it’?


Utility Belt Tree                                Freeze Ray Tree


5. Do I prefer ‘readily helping’ or ‘sometimes teasing’?


Farmville Skylight                           Big Bad Elephant


6. Do I prefer to ‘get done early’ or ‘get around to it’?


Turbo Turtle                                     Wither Warthog


7. Do I prefer to ‘figure it out’ or ‘ask for help’?


Vailant Beaver                                 Mr Chilly Bear


8. Do I prefer a ‘spark of energy’ or ‘cool resolve’?


Electro Giraffe                                Metal Suit Monkey


9. Do I prefer to ‘take the initiative’ or ‘follow leads’?


Speedy Cheetah                              Fuzzy Fury Fox


10. Do I prefer to ‘fix things up’ or ‘leave things be”?


Cobble Up Cow                                Breaker Bull


11. Do I prefer a ‘calm demeanor’ or ‘lively attitude’?


Dr Nice Rex                                       Mr Mean Rex


12. Do I prefer a ‘gentle approach’ or ‘heated conversations’?


Gently Glide Pegasus                     Wildwind Pegasus

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