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19 Oct 2018

FarmVille Let There Be Light Quests 2018

It’s that time of the year once again in FarmVille Let There Be Light Quests where we will brighten our lives with lamps and lights. Our friend will show us the way on how to celebrate this
10 Oct 2018

FarmVille Trick or Treat 2018 Quests

It’s Halloween in FarmVille and our friend Haley is coming to celebrate it with us in FarmVille Trick or Treat 2018 Quests. Let’s help her shop for candies and treats that she will give to the children

10 Oct 2018

FarmVille Thimpu Tshechu 2018 Quests

Our friend Linda and Paul is back from their trip in FarmVille Thimpu Tshechu Quests. The couple is planning a big party to celebrate their arrival that is why they are asking for our help. We will
4 Oct 2018

FarmVille Go to the Moon Quest

Our friend Sasha is joining us in this weeks FarmVille Go to the Moon Quest. She has just planned a line up of activities for this week and we will help her prepare tin shopping the things
27 Sep 2018

FarmVille Bake a Cake Day Quests

It’s our friends Roland the Chef visiting us in FarmVille Bake a Cake Day Quests. He is excited with this new event as we will help him prepare in this FarmVille Quests. In this FarmVille Quests, you
13 Sep 2018

FarmVille Tova and Jed (Old World Expedition CH 3)

We have to hurry as we prepare for a new adventure in FarmVille Tova and Jed, an Old World Expedition Chapter 3 Quests. We will be joined by our new friend Tova in this tour so better
12 Sep 2018

FarmVille Decathlon 2018 Quests

Our friend Juicy Joe is joining this years edition of FarmVille Decathlon 2018 Quests. Help him prepare with his training by giving him his nutritional needs in order to have a great training. He will also need