Farm Exclusive Quests Archive

19 Mar 2018

FarmVille Into the Wild (Emberhill Adventure CH 3)

We are going to explore more as a new adventure awaits us in FarmVille Into the Wild, an Emberhill Adventure Chapter 3 Quests. Our friend is inviting us to come along with him in embarking on a
12 Mar 2018

FarmVille The Deep Woods Expedition (Emberhill Adventure CH 2)

We are going to explore more of the woodlands in FarmVille The Deep Woods Expedition, an Emberhill Adventure Chapter 2 Quests. Our friend is forming a search party that will explore the woods. We are joining him

7 Mar 2018

FarmVille Ready And Action (Alba Toscana CH 9)

We are going to help our friend who is planning on conductng an acting workshop in FarmVille Ready And Action, a special 30 day Alba Toscana Chapter 9 Quests. He is surprise to find out that this
21 Feb 2018

FarmVille The Big Day (Alba Toscana CH 7)

Our friend is requesting for our help in FarmVille The Big Day, an Alba Toscana Chapter 7 Quests in making sure that the fundraiser will go well. The event is about to start and she want’s to
18 Feb 2018

FarmVille Buonasera Amico (Alba Toscana CH 6)

We are going to help plan a party in FarmVille Buonasera Amico, an Alba Toscana Chapter 6 Quests. It seems that everything are going smoothly that our friend has been planning it. But still they need our
10 Feb 2018

FarmVille Tuscan Soiree (Alba Toscana CH 5)

The party that we planned with our friend turns out a huge success in FarmVille Tuscan Soiree, an Alba Toscana Chapter 5 Quests. It has become a talk of the town that’s why we are requested by
31 Jan 2018

FarmVille Stefano’s Dilemma (Alba Toscana CH 4)

Our friend will give us a tour in FarmVille Stefano’s Dilemma, an Alba Toscana Chapter 4 Quests. He will show us how to appreciate how true art is. We will stroll down some of the best streets