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28 Dec 2013

FarmVille Herbal Hut Recipe Lists and Guide

As soon as the new farm Fields of El Dorado opens, players will have their hands on a new crafting building called FarmVille Herbal Hut. And just like the current FarmVille farm extension crafting building it can
23 Aug 2013

FarmVille Elite Horses Guide and Material Lists

Fulfill orders to receive this new batch of rare horses in FarmVille Elite Horses. This building is more like a combination of the Lab and the Dairy. The idea is players will be fulfilling orders this time

2 Feb 2012


Craftshop is one of the several FarmVille crafting building that was introduced in 2011. This building can craft items that can be use in your farm either for decorations or farming equipments and goods. The recipe in