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9 Dec 2013

FarmVille Snowball Fight Quests

Barbra needs our help in FarmVille Snowball Fight Quests. She is looking to get back at Gino because last year she was derailed by Gino in snow ball fight. This year she has a plan on how
6 Mar 2013

FarmVille Quests: Help David Find The Leprechaun

Find the pot of gold in FarmVille help David find the Leprechaun! a Chase the Leprechaun Quests in FarmVille. David is looking for someone to help him find the elusive creature the Leprechaun. And by doing so

9 Feb 2012

Anti Cupid’s Valentine Quest

Love is in the air as Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Everybody is excited in FarmVille except for one cupid. An unusual cupid who thinks Valentine’s Day is not cool. He is Anti Cupid, and he has