Quests 2015 Archive

28 Dec 2015

FarmVille Jingaling (Alpine Jingle Chapter 6)

Let’s join Elsa who is excited that we are going to Santa’s factory in FarmVille Jingaling, an Alpine Jingle Chapter 6 Quests. She is jubilant that she will finally see how Santa’s toys are made. She also wants
25 Dec 2015

FarmVille New Year’s Eve Quests

Get ready to come along with our friend Daria Dare in FarmVille New Year’s Eve Quests as she is hosting the best ever New Year party. We are going to welcome the New Year with a screaming party but

23 Dec 2015

FarmVille Onward Ho (Alpine Jingle Chapter 5)

Gunter is looking for volunteers to get Melvin back in FarmVille Onward Ho, an Alpine Jingle Chapter 5 Quests. It’s nearing crunch time as we are fast approaching Christmas eve and still there are plenty to do. Santa’s work are
22 Dec 2015

FarmVille Beach Holiday Week Quests

We are going to help Sasha plan the ultimate beach escapade in FarmVille Beach Holiday Week Quests. Our friends Sasha has been planning this event for weeks but she need additional help in making it perfect. We are
15 Dec 2015

FarmVille A Little Elf Please (Alpine Jingle CH 4)

A strange light was seen flashing by the valley and we are about to investigate it in FarmVille A Little Elf Please, an Alpine Jingle Chapter 4 Quests. Gunter is a little bit concern on what this light
12 Dec 2015

FarmVille Decoration Time Quests

Zang is in need of help decorating a party in FarmVille Decoration Time Quests. She claims that she heard from someone that we are an expert in throwing a party. Zang will ask if we could help her and we
9 Dec 2015

FarmVille Old as the Hills (Alpine Jingle CH 3)

We will be joining Elsa Eckhart to see the aurora lights in FarmVille Old as the Hills, an Alpine Jingle Chapter 3 Quests. Elsa’s grandpa told her that you’ll have to go way up to the mountain to