Quests 2019 Archive

4 Dec 2019

FarmVille Whirling Dervishes Festival! Quests

Our friend is excited in inviting us for the FarmVille Whirling Dervishes Festival! Quests. He has just planned the best party to celebrate this annual festivities. he laso need our help in preparing for the party. In
28 Nov 2019

FarmVille North Pole Escapade (Santa’s Secret Village CH 1)

Help our friend in his journey to meet Santa Claus in FarmVille North Pole Escapade, a Santa’s Secret Village Chapter 1 Quests. Join them as they venture to a world of cool adventure and exciting events. The

27 Nov 2019

FarmVille Düsseldorf Karnevalt 2019 Quests

Let’s join our friend Paul and Linda in FarmVille Düsseldorf Karnevalt 2019 Quests. They are going to this special event and they are inviting us to come along with them so that we can experience first hand
13 Nov 2019

FarmVille Go to the Moon! 2019 Quests

Our friend has a great plan for this week in FarmVille Go to the Moon! 2019 Quests! Let’s help her in planning this event which will celebrate  for the special moment in time. We will help her
31 Oct 2019

FarmVille Thai Lantern Festival 2019 Quests

Join our friend Paul and Linda as we travel once again to celebrate the FarmVille Thai Lantern Festival 2019. We will be joining them on this trip which they been planning  for some time now. Let’s go
24 Oct 2019

FarmVille Gothic Festival! Quests

Let’s celebrate Halloween with our friend Hilda in FarmVille Gothic Festival! Quests. She is inviting us to  come  along to an event that are full of fun. We will need to cress  up our best costume for
16 Oct 2019

FarmVille Healing Adventure (Highland Adventures CH 8)

Get ready to face another adventure in FarmVille Healing Adventure, a Highland Adventures Chapter 8 Quests. This will be a special 30 day quests on which will have 12 stage to complete. It will be all need