spring quest 2012 Archive

24 Apr 2012

FarmVille Quest: Get Enchanted with Kelly the Spring Fairy

Help and get enchanted with Kelly the spring fairy in this FarmVille Kelly the Spring Flower Fairy Quests. On this mission you will meet Kelly and she has a hobby of collecting spring flowers and you will
18 Apr 2012

FarmVille Quest: Start Discovering the Visiting Spring Fairies

Help find and start discovering the visiting spring fairies in FarmVille Quest: A Fairy Spring Gathering. Prepare the farm field and groom your animals for a fairy visits. On this tasks players will grow a place fairies

10 Apr 2012

FarmVille Quest: Help Mac Learn About Your Magical Trees

Let’s study and learn the mystery of nature in the new FarmVille Arborist’s Adventure Quests. On this mission you will help Mac learn about your Magical Trees and uncover the secret of it. Mac is an alarming
4 Apr 2012

FarmVille Quest: Get the Farm Ready for a Picnic

Get the farm ready for a picnic in FarmVille Quests: The Planter Picnic. This is part of the Spring Season missions. There are lots of things to do with this quest like adding some flowers and birds