Wild West Ranch Buildings Archive

27 Apr 2015

FarmVille Rodeo Ranch Guide

The Wild West Ranch is the newest farm in the game and in it can be found the FarmVille Rodeo Ranch. This is one of the main crafting building of the Wild West ranch farm. Inside of
19 Apr 2015

FarmVille Wild West Ranch Saloon Guide

The Wild West Ranch, a new farm extension in FarmVille will have a buildable building called the RANCH SALOON. It will be one of the major building in the farm and will be upgradable up to 10 stage. For each

19 Apr 2015

FarmVille Village Workshop Guide

Wild West Ranch is one of the FarmVille farm expansion and in it you can find the FarmVille Village Workshop. This guide covers this new crafting building in the Wild West Ranch and it will initially have
18 Apr 2015

FarmVille Wild West Ranch Animal Buildings and Storages

#FarmVille is having a new farm set to open this week for early access and it will be under the theme WILD WEST RANCH farm. With this release comes a newly designed buildings like the one for