Quests 2017 Archive

19 Oct 2017

FarmVille The Talking Scarecrow (Shadow Creek CH 2)

We are going to meet Vinnie in FarmVille The Talking Scarecrow, a Shadow Creek Chapter 2 Quests. This will be the official opening of the new farm SHADOW CREEK. This new will now be opened for general
18 Oct 2017

FarmVille World Tiger Day Quests

Our friend Zoologist David is inviting us to tag along in FarmVille World Tiger Day Quests. He would like us to see how this special event celebrated. The aim of the World Tiger Day is to spread

9 Oct 2017

FarmVille Trick or Treat Quests

Let’s celebrate this year’s Halloween in FarmVille Trick or Treat Quests with our friend Hallie. she has just prepared the most scariest Halloween costume that we have ever seen. She is planning to give it to us
8 Oct 2017

FarmVille Carnival Delight (Samba in Rio CH 7)

We are going to help our friend to prepare for her dance presentation in FarmVille Carnival Delight, a Samba in Rio Chapter 7 Quests. We will also help in decorating the streets so it will be pleasing

6 Oct 2017

FarmVille Jamballah Quests

Let’s join our friend Hallie in FarmVille Jamballah Quests. We are going to join the festivities with her. There’s plenty of activities lined up for this years edition of the festival. We are going to help her
29 Sep 2017

FarmVille Harvest Time (Samba in Rio CH 6)

Our plan and  ideas just worked well in FarmVille Harvest Time, a Samba in Rio Chapter 6 Quests. It looks like our new farming system works. Now the crops are more luscious and ready to be harvested.
27 Sep 2017

FarmVille Traveller’s Festival Quests

Let’s join our friend Elizabeth as we celebrate FarmVille Traveller’s Festival. There’s some exciting activites lined up for the festival and we are going to help Elizabeth prepare for it. We will do some shopping like new