Quests 2017 Archive

21 Aug 2017

FarmVille Edinburgh Festival Quests

Join Paul and Linda in another exciting trip in FarmVille Edinburgh Festival Quests. we are going to help our friend plan the trip. We are going to look for the best place to stay and book the
12 Aug 2017

FarmVille World Photography Day Quests

Our friend Sasha is inviting us to come along with her and celebrate the FarmVille World Photography Day. She has been doing photography for quite sometime now. That is why she is excited for this years celebration.

10 Aug 2017

FarmVille Katias Day Out (Straits of Ardour CH 5)

We are going to explore more places in FarmVille Katias Day Out, a Straits of Ardour Chapter 5 Quests. Our friend got bored of the grandeur festivities and wants to get out and see more of the
7 Aug 2017

FarmVille Boi Bumba Festival Quests

We are going to  join our friend Paul and Linda in FarmVille Boi Bumba Festival Quests. They are coming along and celebrate the Festival  of the Ox. The couple invited us to help them prepare for the

2 Aug 2017

FarmVille Time for Action (Straits of Ardour CH 4)

We are going to help prepare for the Annual Ball in FarmVille Time for Action, a Straits of Ardour Chapter 4 Quests. A lot of royal families will be arriving soon for the grand ball. We will
2 Aug 2017

FarmVille Friendship Day Quests

We are going to make friendship bracelet in FarmVille Friendship Day Quests. Our friend Barbra is planning to celebrate this year Friendship Day with us by making friendship bracelet for our friends. We are also going to
29 Jul 2017

FarmVille The Plan (Straits of Ardour CH 3)

We are on a mission to  retrieve Ms. scarlet Benitoite in FarmVille The Plan, a Straits of Ardour Chapter 3 Quests. Michael’s victory  boast the confidence and moral of our friend. we are  noe going to the