Snowyville Archive

10 Jan 2017

FarmVille Warm Magic (Snowyville CH 10)

Tackle a new challenge as we visit once again the Snowyville farm in FarmVille Warm Magic, a Snowyville Chapter 10 Quests. This is a 30 day quests where we are going to complete 12 stage of mission.
30 Dec 2016

FarmVille Last Fall (Snowyville CH 9)

It’s been a fun season as Queen Pretoria surprisingly enjoyed the company of her citizens in FarmVille Last Fall, a Snowyville Chapter 9 Quests. We  are going to help Queen Pretoria in touring the city to thank

27 Dec 2016

FarmVille One More Run (Snowyville CH 8)

We are going to celebrate the holiday with a grand party in FarmVille One More Run, a Snowyville Chapter 8 Quests. Queen Pretoria is planning to make this holiday the best ever and will make sure that
22 Dec 2016

FarmVille A Jolly Old Man (Snowyville CH 7)

We are going to celebrate the holidays with Santa in FarmVille A Jolly Old Man, an Snowyville Chapter 7 Quests. He will take us shopping for new toy ideas and enjoy the main street best restaurant to
16 Dec 2016

FarmVille Winter Fever (Snowyville CH 6)

Queen Pretoria has just decided to restore the stars in FarmVille Winter Fever, a Snowyville Chapter 6 Quests. After touring the city, visiting places that are close her heart and meeting the people, she has finally convinced
7 Dec 2016

FarmVille In the Spirit of Things (Snowyville CH 5)

We are going to help Queen Pretoria in preparing some gifts in FarmVille In the Spirit of Things,  a Snowyville Chapter 5 Quests. She is wondering what could be the best gift to give this holiday seasons
1 Dec 2016

FarmVille Meet the Locals (Snowyville CH 4)

Help our Queen Pretoria in meeting her citizens in FarmVille Meet the Locals, a Snowyville Chapter 4 Quests. She will be going down to visit the people. She is planning to ask and know what they’re daily