The Story of Sakura Archive

14 Jun 2016

FarmVille Home Sweet Home (Story of Sakura CH 15)

Sakura has successfully completed the challenge in FarmVille Home Sweet Home, a Story of Sakura Chapter 15 Quests. Her father is now wondering if Sakura will stay or leave and return to the United States. It is
9 Jun 2016

FarmVille Victory (Story of Sakura CH 14)

Sakura’s hard training has finally paid off in FarmVille Victory, a Story of Sakura Chapter 14 Quests. She has successfully beaten Masashi in a fair battle and now she’s demanding Masashi to leave and never make trouble once

31 May 2016

FarmVille Confrontation (Story of Sakura CH 13)

It looks like Sakura’s training improves better and better in FarmVille Conforntation, a Story of Sakura Chapter 13 Quests. Sakura trains in the following area like patience, balance and strength. She now have the confidence in facing
26 May 2016

FarmVille Up a Notch (Story of Sakura CH 12)

Sakura is excited as her master declared that she is now ready to face her challenger in FarmVille Up a Notch, a Story of Sakura Chapter 12 Quests. The fruits of her hard training is now becoming evident
19 May 2016

FarmVille Sakura Strikes Back Guide and Recipes

The battle has just started in FarmVille Sakura Strikes Back. Get through all the 5 battles an win for your farm exclusive rewards. Craft Victory Medals and start saving for the Thunder Kucha because you will need them
16 May 2016

FarmVille From the Ground Up (Story of Sakura CH 11)

Sakura is progressing well with her training in FarmVille From the Ground Up, a Story of Sakura Chapter 11 Quests. But still, there is a hurdle that she must overcome. She needs to learn the purpose of the
9 May 2016

FarmVille Punishing Pride (Story of Sakura CH 10)

Sakura has just learned the most important thing for learning zen in FarmVille Punishing Pride, a Story of Sakura Chapter 10 Quests. On this chapter, Sakura is about to be tested on how long can she hold her temper. She