Baby Animal Day Gift Special in FarmVille Countdown


A new countdown feature is about to unleashed soon in FarmVille! The Baby Animal Day Countdown feature will giveaway 16 items for 16 days. And each day it will be different from the previous ones. To win, all players have to do is to collect the stamp of the day. The number of FarmVille stamps to be collected will vary but once the player meet the total requirement the FarmVille player can now collect the prize. Finish it early to have a chance to replay the whole feature and win again all the prizes.


Prizes to collect:

Puma Cub

  Fennec Kit

  Dragon Whelp

  Gryphon Hatchling

Badger Cub


  Baby Bird Tree

  Baby Flying Fox

  Potbelly Piglet

  Corgi Puppy

  Otter Pup

  English Lop Kit

  Lynx Cub

  Mallard Duckling

  Bassinet Tree

  Baby Koala

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