Mountain Shores Cove Escapade Feature 2013


FarmVille is releasing this new escapade feature the Mountain Shores Cove. This feature once release will give players the opportunity to win cool prizes for their FarmVille farm. The mechanics of this new feature is everyday there’s a new simple one task a players have to do. This maybe collecting items or perhaps asking friends for their help. Once the tasks is completed players will received the prize. Each day there will be different tasks and also the prizes that can be won.



Here are the prizes that can be won in Mountain Shores Feature:

Australian Fan Palm Tree


Winter Flowering Gum Tree


Kangaroo Hat Goat


Snow Mom Kangaroo


Cupcake Koala


Koala Huddle

Explorer Wallaby


Snowy Sunset Pegacorn


Porcupine Pug


Stromb Shell


Snow Koala Unicorn


Snowshoe Wombat

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