County Fair 2 Coming Soon in FarmVille


County Fair 2 is coming in FarmVille soon! You might remember this feature from last years County Fair where it featured raising prized animals. By collecting different colors of mulches you can raise the animals and enter it to the fair. This time players will be raising and entering trees to the County Fair. So far the information on how raise this trees to prized one and the mechanics is a little bit vague yet considering this is unreleased. There are still chances that the image and pictures may still change. But here are some of the info and list of trees so far.


Here are the list of Trees for the County Fair 2:

Seedling Set:

Seedling Apple Tree, Seedling Berry Tree, Seedling Citrus Tree, Seedling Lemon Tree and Seedling Stone Fruit Tree.


Sapling Tree Set:

Sapling Apple Tree, Sapling Berry Tree, Sapling Citrus Tree, Sapling Lemon Tree and Sapling Stone Fruit Tree


Pole Tree Set:

Pole Berry Tree, Pole Citrus Tree, Pole Lemato Tree, Pole Plum Apple Tree and Pole Stone Fruit Tree.


Over Grown Tree Set:

Over Grown Citrus Tree, Over Grown Berry tree, Over Grown Lemato Tree, Over Grown Plum Apple Tree and Over Grown Stone Fruit Tree.


Old Growth Tree:

Old Growth Berry Tree, Old Growth Citrus Tree, Old Growth Lemato Tree, Old Growth Plum Apple Tree and Old Growth Stone Fruit Tree.


Grand Tree Set:

Grand Berry Tree, Grand Citrus Tree, Grand Lemato Tree, Grand Plum Apple Tree and Stone Fruit Tree.


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