Perfect Job Feature Guide


It’s time again to ask our friends on what they think about us in FarmVille’s new My Perfect Job Feature. Here we will gonna ask our friends for 11 stages on what job they think that will fit our personality. There will be two selections and which ever gather enough vote (total of 4) players can claim the reward that corresponds with the selection.

List of prizes that can be won depending on how the voting went:


Domestic Shorthair     or     Australian Cattle Dog


Hammer Chicken       or      Nerd Duck


                  Brown Silverback           or      Black and Grey Ocelot


Diving Duck     or     Thinker Monkey


Employee Gnome     or     Entrepreneur Gnome


Muddy Pig        or       Groomed Sheep


Picasso Pig     or     Count On Ewe


Golfcourse Cow     or      Office Horse


Monkey Gnome       or       Suit Monkey


Night Owl         or            Early Bird


WFH Turtle        or       Ostrich Pilot


Earful Gnome     or     Yappy Gnomes

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