Domestic vs Wild Animals in FarmVille Personality


FarmVille will have a new version of Personality Feature which will be the Domestic Vs Wild Animals. It will asked 12 question and we will be asking our friends to vote on which answer best fits our personality regarding this theme. If you collected enough vote you can win either of the two prizes. Unlock the prize and you can find it straight in your gift box.

  FarmVille Domestic Vs Wild Animals



Domestic vs Wild Animals


  • Ask your friends to vote on a question about yourself. Collect enough votes to unlock one of two prizes.
  • After collecting enough votes to unlock a prize, a redeem button will appear. Click on the redeem button to collect your prize. After redeeming, your prizes will appear in your gift box.
  • Ask your friends to vote on a new question after completing the previous question. Finish all 12 questions to win prizes and find out what your friends think of you. Replay through all 12 questions up to 3 times per day.
  • Each question will get you closer to finding out what your friends think about your resolutions!


1. Do I like domestic animals or wild ones?

Pet Horse gapfiller Wild Galloper
Pet Horse Wild Galloper



2. Would I rather cuddle a sheep or hunt in the jungle?

Fluffy Sheep gapfiller Escape Sheep
Fluffy Sheep Escape Sheep



3. Am I into farming or hawking?

Homesteader Chicken gapfiller Rustic Chicken
Homesteader Chicken Rustic Chicken



4. Do I like a small cat or a big one?

Smitten Kitten gapfiller Desert Kitten
Smitten Kitten Desert Kitten



5. Would I prefer haystacks or green woods?

Haystacked Tree gapfiller Green Woods
Haystacked Tree Green Woods

6. Would I prefer listening to meows or roars?

Naive Pet Deer gapfiller Native Wild Deer
Naive Pet Deer Native Wild Deer



7. Would I prefer a whistle around my neck or a  pair of binoculars?

Tamer Gnome gapfiller Explorer Gnome
Tamer Gnome Explorer Gnome



8. Would I rather play a sheep or a lion?

Tranquil Pig gapfiller Wild Pig
Tranquil Pig Wild Pig



9. Would I prefer cow’s milk or wild fruits?

Creamery Tree gapfiller Fruit Basket Tree
Creamery Tree Fruit Basket Tree



10. Do I like puppies or cubs?

Pet Puppy gapfiller Wild Cub
Pet Puppy Wild Cub



11. Would I rather buy a cow bell or a bommerang?

Hallowed Cow-bell gapfiller Boomerang Buffalo
Hallowed Cow-bell Boomerang Buffalo



12. Am I more likely to be at peace with pets or challenge the wild?

Doted-on Pegacorn gapfiller Foolhardy Peagcorn
Doted-on Pegacorn Foolhardy Peagcorn


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