Avalon Kingdom Guide Archive

15 Apr 2015

Avalon Kingdom 8: FarmVille A New Heir

Annabelle’s dream is within her reach in FarmVille A New Heir, an Avalon Kingdom Chapter 8 Quests. She is about to complete the tournament just as we expected. And just like what she promised, she will be
7 Apr 2015

Avalon Kingdom Chapter 7: FarmVille The Final Task

Annabel is excited for the final test in FarmVille The Final Task, an Avalon Kingdom Chapter 7 Quests. She just found out that the last test will be a magic competition and she is excited that she can finally

2 Apr 2015

Avalon Kingdom Chapter 6: FarmVille The Second Task

Help Annabelle is breezing trough the tournament in FarmVille The Second Task, an Avalon Kingdom Chapter 6 Quests. This time Annabelle will need our help with horseback riding. She has no experience on this part and so
25 Mar 2015

Avalon Kingdom 5: FarmVille The First Task

The tournament is about to start, and the first event will be Archery in FarmVille The First Task, an Avalon Kingdom Chapter 5 Quests. But Annabel is worried because she is not familiar with that game. So
20 Mar 2015

Avalon Kingdom Chapter 4: FarmVille Entering the Kingdom

Annabel is all set for the tournament in FamVille Entering the Kingdom, an Avalon Kingdom Chapter 4 Quests. She is excited with the tournament finally closing in and she needs our help to find the registration booth.
19 Mar 2015

FarmVille A New Beginning Quests (Avalon Kingdom 9)

Take the new special challenge once again in FarmVille A New Beginning, an Avalon Kingdom Chapter 9 Quests. This will be one of the special challenges where we have to finish 12 stage for 30 days. The
16 Mar 2015

FarmVille Royal Rescue

FarmVille is introducing a new feature called the ROYAL RESCUE this week. The feature will give some cool rewards that can be exchange by gathering the necessary items. These items can either be crafted or collected from