farmville january 2013 quest Archive

31 Jan 2013

FarmVille Beat Enchanted Glen

Time again to win one of the most wanted item in FarmVille, a Shipping License in FarmVille Beat Enchanted Glen. Players can now start working on this challenge as FarmVille decided to release this early. One of
30 Jan 2013

FarmVille Quest: Help Werewolf Discover his Natural Charm

A Valentine’s Day Werewolf Quest is what we will be having in FarmVille help the werewolf discover his natural charm for Valentine’s Day. A Werewolf (you might recall him from Haunted Hallow) is looking for his true

27 Jan 2013

FarmVille Enchanted Glen 4: Welcome to Enchanted Glen Part 4

We are officially in the fourth week of FarmVille Welcome to Enchanted Glen Part 4, the official FarmVille Enchanted Glen Chapter 4 Quests. We will meet a new special character on this chapter and his name is
23 Jan 2013

FarmVille Quest: Help Zeke with Finding Pearl Necklaces

Valentines Day is fast approaching in FarmVille help Zeke with finding pearl necklaces for Truffles. It’s the Perfect Gift Quests and we will help Zeke in finding one in this new Truffles quest line. He is thinking
20 Jan 2013

Farmville Enchanted Glen 3: Welcome to Enchanted Glen Part 3

Yes it is, that is correct this is FarmVille Welcome to Enchanted Glen for the THIRD TIME! Third week of the Enchanted Glen (including early access) and they are still welcoming players to the new farm extension.
18 Jan 2013

FarmVille Quest: Fun New Hawaiian Paradise Stuff

Aloha again! as Ukelele Bill will greet us again in FarmVille Fun New Hawaiian Paradise Stuff Quest. Yup, this is indeed a new Hawaiian Paradise quest this January 2013 and it will have a 12 part instead
16 Jan 2013

FarmVille Quest: My Little Valentine

Let’s go down to the memory lane and relive the moments when we had our first crush in FarmVille My Little Valentine Quests. From what it appears, we gonna have an early Valentine story in FarmVille as