june 2012 quest Archive

30 Jun 2012

FarmVille Jade Falls 5 Quest: Fireworks Festival

Celebrate in FarmVille Fireworks Festival in Jade Falls Chapter 5 Quests. Farmers will meet Sakura for the first time and she is known in FarmVille Jade Falls as a Sparkling Sorcerer who possesses a wizardry that people
26 Jun 2012

FarmVille Quest: Catch Some Fireflies

It’s Summer Time and one way to celebrate it in a FarmVille Quests is to catch some fireflies with Zoologist Dave. It’s a 9 part mission where players will help Zoologists David enjoy summer by doing what

23 Jun 2012

FarmVille Jade Falls 4 Quest: Find Panda Romance

Help Hiro with his Panda in Jade Falls Chapter 4 Quests. The FarmVille find Panda romance in the island of Jade Falls will have six missions. Assist Hiro as he play as Dr. Love on gathering the
20 Jun 2012

FarmVille Quest: Get Ready for the Pool Party

It’s a FarmVille Pool Party Quest in get ready for the pool party with Aimee’s help! It’s a nine part quests and with cool rewards and when we say cool it’s literally cool because most of the
17 Jun 2012

FarmVille Jade Falls 3 Quest: Build a Dragon Boat

Get ready to make a plan for the festival together with Hiro for Jade Falls Chapter 3 in FarmVille Build a Dragon Boat Quests. Prepare for a festive celebration by gathering those materials and preparing the recipes.
13 Jun 2012

FarmVille Quest: Get ready for the Summer Harvest with Bob’s Help

Have a bountiful summer harvest in FarmVille Get ready for the summer harvest with Bob’s help Quest. Yup, Bob will be on hand to help in preparing for a big harvest by showing how it’s gonna be
10 Jun 2012

FarmVille Quest: Welcome to Jade Falls (Opening Quests)

Welcome to Jade Falls! FarmVille will be opening for free access this Monday (June 11) the new Asian Farm extension. This starting Jade Fall Quests will have 6 goals and will run for 7 days. This farm will