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17 Sep 2013

FarmVille Apothecary Guide and Recipe List

Craft mystical orders and get awesome prizes when you craft mystical orders in FarmVille Apothecary Building. Just like the previous building of the same type such as Dairy and Yarn Barn, players will be crafting mystical recipes
15 Sep 2013

FarmVille Alchemist’s Shop Guide and Recipe Lists

Craft Magic Potions, Charms and Elixirs in the new farm expansion FarmVille Mystical Groves. The Mystical Groves will have the FarmVille Alchemist’s Shop a crafting shop which will house new recipe for players to craft and master.

12 Sep 2013

FarmVille Mystical Groves Preview (Newest Expansion)

Coming soon! a new FarmVille farm called the Mystical Groves! This time players will be traveling to a land of Mystical Magic. The new farm will featureĀ  more of a fairy elf theme. Beside the usual regular