Australia Archive

12 Nov 2013

FarmVille Australia Chapter 9: Taste of Success

Travel back to the farm down under in FarmVille Taste of Success, a FarmVille Australia Chapter 9 Special Quests. A 30 day quest which has no “ask friends” for item part. Only planting and harvesting Australia crop
8 Jun 2013

FarmVille Australia 8: Helping Cooper Make Amends

Brody is leaving for the Big City in FarmVille helping Cooper make amends in Australia! Help out! a FarmVille Australia Chapter 8 Quests. We will be helping Cooper who is tracking down Brody who happens to be

1 Jun 2013

FarmVille Australia 7: Helping Flynn Try to Save the Winery

Looks like there’s trouble in FarmVille helping Flynn try and save the Winery, a FarmVille Australia Chapter 7 Quests. We will also try to help out Flynn in catching the Drop Bear. This elusive creature is still
25 May 2013

FarmVille Australia 6: Help Flynn Investigate

Join Ranger Flynn in FarmVille Help Flynn Investigate, a FarmVille Australia Chapter 6 Quests. The search for the Drop Bear continues as your team track down one on this latest adventure. Flynn couldn’t still believe that one
18 May 2013

FarmVille Australia 5: Attack of the Drop Bear

Cooper is up to something in FarmVille Attack of the Drop Bear! a FarmVille Australia Chapter 5 Quests. Join Cooper as we continue to explore the farm extension Australia to discover more amazing things and wonders. On
11 May 2013

FarmVille Australia 4: Visit Cooper’s Secret Hideaways

Visit Cooper’s Secret Hideaways in FarmVille Australia! the Chapter 4 of FarmVille Australia Quests. Cooper the Koala will be introduced on this chapter and he will be showing his cool secret hideaway. As we all know for
9 May 2013

FarmVille Beat Australia Quests

Take the challenge and receive an Australia Shipping License for FREE in FarmVille Beat Australia! Complete the 4 tasks to received cool prizes and Aussie Points. And if a player completed all 4 challenge, a Beat Australia