Beat Expansion Quests Archive

25 Jan 2014

FarmVille Beat Fields of El Dorado Farm Quests

FarmVille Beat Fields of El Dorado is one of the Special Quests in FarmVille where players have to complete  a set of special tasks which are designed specifically for the said farm. Usually there will be 4
28 Nov 2013

FarmVille Beat Atlantis Quests

Finally the much long awaited Beat Expansion farm quest will finally be released. We will have soon the FarmVille Beat Atlantis Quests. The quests that is considered to be a test if you have really mastered the

23 Nov 2013

FarmVille Beat Holiday Lights Quests

Time again to win an exclusive shipping license in FarmVille Beat Holiday Lights Quests. This is the part where players take on a series of challenges and completing for a chance to win a free Holiday Lights
5 Oct 2013

FarmVille Beat Mystical Groves Quests

Win a Mystical Groves Shipping License in FarmVille Beat Mystical Groves! It is one of the ultimate farm extension test in proving you’re one tough farmer by clearing 4 challenge. One of the challenge includes mastering 10
16 Aug 2013

FarmVille Beat Sweet Acres Quests

Complete the following tasks and win Sweet Acre’s Shipping License in FarmVille Beat Sweet Acres Quests. Yup it is almost about to be release and you can now start preparing for this special quest. We have here
27 Jun 2013

FarmVille Beat Celestial Pastures Quests

Here are the details for the FarmVille Beat Celestial Pastures Quests. These are the list of quest or requirements that players must meet in order to receive a free Celestial Pastures Shipping License. The shipping licenses is
9 May 2013

FarmVille Beat Australia Quests

Take the challenge and receive an Australia Shipping License for FREE in FarmVille Beat Australia! Complete the 4 tasks to received cool prizes and Aussie Points. And if a player completed all 4 challenge, a Beat Australia