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19 Dec 2014

FarmVille The Lost Reindeer

Help Randall the Deer to be with his reindeer family in FarmVille The Lost Deer 2014. Poor Randal lost his way. He need our help so that he can find his way to be with his fellow reindeer. In
10 Dec 2014

FarmVille Eggnog Stand (Seed Building)

#FarmVille is set to release a follow up to the Soup Kitchen with the same feature mechanics. This new release will be called the FarmVille Eggnog Stand, a seed building that can be upgraded to several stages.

10 Nov 2014

FarmVille Nutcracker Theater

A new feature which resemble’s the Jack Mystree Sampling will be released soon. This time it will be the FarmVille Nutcracker Theater. Instead of raising and growing trees, we will be hatching Nutcracker Eggs. In order to
13 Oct 2014

FarmVille Daily Delights

A new feature will be coming our way in FarmVille as Barbra will be introducing the Daily Delights feature. The daily Delights will allow players to collect daily delights and exchange it for reward. Now each there
11 Oct 2014

FarmVille Carnival Fair

We may have a new feature soon in FarmVille where we will be collecting Golden Fair Tickets and exchange it for rewards. The Carnival Fair will offer a collection of exclusive rewards but the catch is you
27 Sep 2014

FarmVille Community Goals (Horseman’s Hollow Version)

We may have a new Community Goals oriented feature in FarmVille and this time it will may have the theme Horseman’s Hollow. Similar for what we had before, this involved tasks that are shared with friends or
23 Sep 2014

FarmVille Wandering Pirates and Rubys

Captain Morgana is arriving in FarmVille Wandering Pirates, bringing along treasures that you can unlock. Yes, this is a new variation of a FarmVille feature where you will be collecting and crafting items which in this case