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FarmVille Magical Toy Town Buildings and Vehicles

Coming this November! FarmVille Magical Toy Town farm! Yes it is confirmed and we definitely will have a new farm just in time for the holiday season. The theme this time will be about a Toy Town and we are going to help two lovers reunite.

Let us walk you through with a preview of Magical Toy Town farm starting with it’s buildings and vehicles. Our old farm building will have a new look in this farm like the Cow pasture, Aviary etc.. Early access is expected next week or two.


Early Access Toy Town

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Posted by acmclure - 10/29/2014 at 13:56

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FarmVille Emerald Valley Buildings, Pens and Vehicles

FarmVille is set to release a new farm called the Emerald Valley and players may expect this to open for early access as early as this Monday. Players will have once again an opportunity to farm in a new theme setting which in this case a Wizard of Oz theme. We gathered some of the early image of the said farm and here’s a preview of the Pens, Buildings and Vehicles.

FarmVille Emerald Valley


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Posted by acmclure - 02/22/2014 at 13:25

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FarmVille Celestial Pastures (Space Farm) is ON!

We are one of the fortunate enough to grab early pictures of the soon to be open new farm extension The FarmVille Celestial Pastures. As if the Australia is still hot, another farm extension might open this Monday, June 10 and players will be instead traveling to space Together with Cluck Rogers (the Space Chicken) as we will explore this new map. Here is a glimpse of what the new farm will look like:

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Posted by acmclure - 06/08/2013 at 04:07

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FarmVille Atlantis Farm (New Farm) First Look

Explore the world of underwater in the new FarmVille Atlantis farm extension! Yes another farm extension will be coming out soon and this time players will be traveling to the world of Mermaids and Abyss. Unlock new underwater crops, animals and trees. Here are some of the early image that will show us what we may expect in the new farm Atlantis in FarmVille.

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Posted by acmclure - 02/28/2013 at 12:52

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FarmVille Enchanted Glen Farm (First Look)

A new farm extension FarmVille Enchanted Glen will be released soon! And we have some of the early pictures for you to see on what we may expect on the new farm. There’s seems to be a new set of characters who will join us the missions that we will be doing in this new FarmVille farm. There is also a new crafting shop and new designed pens. From the looks of this early images and pictures, the main theme of this new farm extension will be about fairies and gnomes. Here are some of the pics but we will post more in the coming days.


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Posted by acmclure - 01/04/2013 at 15:03

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FarmVille Mistletoe Lane (New Farm) Coming Soon!

A new farm extension SOON? maybe with FarmVille Mistletoe Lane. We gathered some of the early info and images on what seems to be another new farm extension coming this winter season just in time for the Holiday. The Tiller’s (Nick, Rose, Lillian and Belinda) of Haunted Hollow will travel to this new location and may host the series of Mistletoe Lane Quests. Read more…

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Posted by acmclure - 11/01/2012 at 06:09

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FarmVille Haunted Hollow Quest 1: Prepping for Halloween

Welcome to Haunted Hollow in FarmVille Prepping for Halloween, the new FarmVille farm extension that maybe opening for an early access this Monday. Yup the FarmVille Haunted Hollow will open it’s gate for players who is willing to spend FV cash to take and experience first hand the new farm for it’s early access stage. It promises new decorations, new crops, new animals and trees. And for it’s initial Haunted Hollow Quest 1 we will meet Lillian Tiller and she will show us around. There is also a new  craftshop named the Potion Shop where we will be creating new recipes. Note: This is currently unreleased and for early access and not all of us will get this quest unless we buy the early access ticket. Expected roll out maybe this Monday (9/17).

Haunted Hollow Prologue: FarmVille Capturing It All


Submit a Photo of Haunted Hollow

– Start by taking a picture of your farm for your friends to see! Click on the Spook icon at the top of the screen to take a picture. Click the Spook Point icon from the menu in the lower right to learn more. Happy Hauntings!


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FarmVille Haunted Hollow Farm First Look

This will be a preview of the upcoming FarmVille new farm extension the FarmVille Haunted Hollow. This maybe release for an early access next week. It features a lot of creepy and cool decorations, trees, animals and even the crops. Here are some of the info that we gathered so far and more will be release as soon as we get more info:

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Posted by acmclure - 09/13/2012 at 08:00

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